The world's hottest Multi-Tenant DApp for betting on ALL your favorite cryptocurrencies.

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Offers crypto users an opportunity to bet on their favorite Cryptocurrencies, participate in exclusive races, become booth owner and promote their own races in their booths (dedicated landing page). Bets are placed and rewards are claimed using Metamask plugin for Chrome/Firefox or the Ethereum based Mist browser. Being completely secured by the blockchain, neither the house nor a bookmaker has control over a race or user funds once a contract is deployed and a race is announced.

Place Bet

If you think a cryptocurrency is going to rise, bet on it to win more Ether

Booth Owner

Booth owners are able to create races, have a dedicated landing page for their races and get a 3% percentage takeout at the end of the race.

Unlimited Cryptocurrencies

Platform supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for races.

Distributed Trust

100% fair & open source, Ethereum blockchain and no user data collection.


Bet on the house & booth owners

Token Holder

Earn quarterly payouts in ether by holding BEET tokens.


Takeouts from all the betting pools organized by the house and Booth owners goes to token holders.

Unlimited Cryptocurrencies

Bet with BEET token to unlock unlimited cryptocurrencies, features and enjoy discounted takeout.

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